Lesson Plans

Here is a Daily 5 lesson I taught in a grade 2/3 classroom during Daily 5. I was teaching the students about text-to-self connections, text-to-text connections, and text-to-world connections. Check out more about the lesson by clicking the link below!

Daily 5 lesson

Here is an ELA lesson I taught in a grade 2/3 classroom. This lesson was during writers workshop time. The focus of the lesson was for students to create a concept map to help them with their writing. The students were given a heart template and brainstorm the things they love (places, people, things, activities). Check out more about the lesson by clicking the link below!

Writing lesson-ideas from the heart

I have included a couple of my favourite math lessons that I taught during my internship. The math circuits lesson was a fun way I differentiated the class using other teachers. We each had a group and made a lesson to fit their needs. Odd and Even numbers is another I have included below. The students loved this lesson and learning about odd Todd and Even Steven. The lesson also brought in literature into math. The last lesson is based on place value and the students were able to use manipulatives to help them with the activity. The students also enjoyed this lesson and were able, for the most part, grasp place value during this lesson. Check out more by reading the lessons below!

Math circuits

Odd and Even numbers

Place value

Below is a wonderful hands on activity. I used this lesson as an english lesson; however, it could be become a morning routine. The students take one word and try to find as many words from the word. I used the book Word Wizards, which is a great way to show students how to find hidden words inside one big word!

Word Wizards

I have included some of the lessons from my soil unit. I did this unit during pre-internship and the students loved it! I have provided the experiment we did when we looked at all of the different types of soil!

Lesson 1-Soil

Soil components lesson 2

Dirty Dirt and Super Soil

How soil is formed

Soil and Water lesson 5 and 6

Soil for growing lesson 7

Human Impact

Saving our Soil


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