Final Summary of my Learning Project

What…my album is done! I successfully finished my learning project. Although I had  a minor panic when I went to order the album and couldn’t find shipping to Canada! No need to worry, I am able to order my album!

Ordering my album

Ordering my album

I thought I would do a final post about what I have learned throughout the semester and my experience with this learning project. At first I was struggling to think of something to do. However, I soon realized that I have been wanting to make a digital photo album for a long time. I had not started the journey because I had no idea where to begin, how to make one, or what program to use. It just seemed so time consuming and so I never got started. In fact, I am not sure when I would have made my first digital photo album without this class. I can honestly say this was my favourite project of my four years of university, as it made me reflect on my journey from when I was young to now. It also made me see the positive impact my mother has had on me and the importance of being a positive role model to others (my students). I was able to take time away from the countless assignments and work on this very meaning project. While it did take me hours to do and often I felt overwhelmed at the amount of work I can see my hard work has paid off! Now that I know how to use Shutterfly and what to do I definitely want to make more albums and hopefully it will be a little easier!

I have learned that I use the internet, specifically google and youtube a lot when I need help. I often googled my questions and an instant answer would pop up! Thinking back to when there wasn’t google I believe this project would take even longer because I would have had to go read a book on shutterfly. Technology has enabled me to quickly find an answer from anywhere and work on my project from anywhere…it is always at the tip of my fingers. Having said that the scanning of photos could only be done at my house.

I also learned that my patience with technology is less. When I was waiting for the photos to load I could not figure out why it was taking so long. When the program would not respond to what I wanted it to do I would get frustrated.

I do not think I am as creative on Shutterfly as I would have been doing a scrapbook. Having it online took me a while to create the pages. I think I like to be able to physically move the pictures around. I remember in highschool if I had to make something I would always choose to do it with paper and supplies from the dollar store rather than using technology.

My ultimate learning was the importance of taking photos and documenting one’s life with technology. When I went through the photos I realized how amazing it was to go through my life. Memories came flooding back and for certain reasons I am so happy that I have photos of my family. These photos are special to me and I never want them to be lost. I also realized I like the photos that are not staged rather I prefer the ones that are taken in the moment!

I believe as a teacher I could use the Shutterfly Ipad app for students to make photo albums. I think a neat project would be to make a digital album rather than family trees. I do not like the family tree project because families are so different these days and it is often very hard to make a family tree.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.29.30 AM

The Ipad app also has a really neat tool where you can put audio to the pictures!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.30.15 AM

I also looked into other technologies that students could use in the classroom.

Adobe Voice is an education tool that lets you do voice overs to digital photos. It has awesome templates in terms of storytelling and a huge library of copyright friendly music and images. There is a video that explains Adobe voice.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 5.55.48 PM

Book Creator appears to be very child friendly. Students create their own book by adding images, text, and audio. Only problem is it can only be shown on IOS products.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 5.58.37 PM

I think students would have fun with these different programs and they would not have to use personal photos. They could pick from pre set photos to tell a story.

I am happy that I chose this as my learning project. MORE THAN ANYTHING I can not wait to see the expression on my mom’s face when I give her the photo album. I am sure there will be happiness and tears. I hope she cherishes the photo album as much as I do!


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