The Adventures of Outside!

Today I read an article about a teacher in Regina who promotes puddle play! As she states in the article:

“I think it’s a really wondrous time of year, I think every person remembers being a kid and playing in puddles”

I remember playing in puddles as a child and now a days children are discouraged because they will get wet and muddy. However, I agree with the teacher that it is important to let children learn from the outdoors. Playing can provide lots of rich learning. This article reminded me of when I was in BC and volunteered at a school.  The school had something called ‘Forest Play’ in the mornings. The students were required to bring rubber boots and splash pants and the children went and played in the designated area in the forest. The children were not allowed to bring any toys with them and had to play with the natural surroundings. They learned how to treat the environment and went looking for bugs. I believe there was amazing learning happening and the students loved when they had ‘Forest Play’. It also reminded me of the play and exploration document, as it promotes using real experiences and using the  outdoors for learning. It also encompasses the Growing Up Wild mandate of having teachers take their students outside to explore!

I take 2 little boys to school 3 times a week and I try to let them walk through the puddles on the way to school. Here is a photo of our rubber boots!



One thought on “The Adventures of Outside!

  1. dbandrie says:

    Another great example of using the outdoors to let children explore their natural world. I’m in my late 20s and I still enjoy splashing in puddles. I did this two weekends ago…before the snow came back 😦 Puddle splashing also alighs with the Reggio Emilia school of thought…for those who are not familiar with Reggio Emilia, check out the the following link from


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