The Album is almost complete!

I am almost done my photo album and I am so proud of the results. In reflecting on this project I have realized how important photos are and the significance of keeping photos. There was a period of time that my family does not have many photos and it definitely made it hard to make the album. There were lots of photos from when my brother and I were young, but from about grade 7-10 there were hardly any photos. I also have an appreciation for digital cameras and how easy they have made peoples lives for taking pictures. It was much easier for me to download the more recent photos.

I wanted to make this photo album, but throughout I have also learned about myself and how I interpret technology. I did not want to make a you tube account. I was/still am scared in the fact that shutterfly has my pictures!!! I feel as though I see the benefits of using technology, but I am so hesitant to use it. I struggled to make a screen cast account because I was worried about getting a virus on my computer because I did not know if the program was reliable.

As for the program ShutterFly I learned that I like to have things organized and Shutterfly  did not disappoint. I found that I tended to just play around on the program and from that I was able to learn new things. I think if I were to use this program again I would pick a different album layout. The one I used seemed to have some restrictions and that got frustrating. However, I found where to get more embellishments!! Here is my screen cast on it what I found!

Here are some of my finished pages with the embellishments. I just need to add the text to each page.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.10.13 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.10.34 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.10.55 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.11.31 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.11.11 AM

When the album is completely done I will do a screen cast of it all!


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