Coding 101: Scratch

This week in class we used the program Scratch to learn about coding! I did not know much about coding and to be honest did not have much interest in it.

I could not get my project to share on my blog. I made my coding and then realized I had to make an account. I tried to sign up, but for some reason my email would not work. I took a screen shot of the project to show that I had been working hard on it. I also read on our classes google plus that others had a hard time sharing their project. I thought I would leave my project and try to share it later. BUT…big mistake because my safari decided to shut down and I no longer have the project. Very frustrating!! This is also my second time blogging about scratch because of safari shutting down. I am sorry that you are unable to see my work that I did on scratch through the video, but hopefully the picture will show my effort. I made a little butterfly that moved and its flight was all timed to music! I also had the butterfly change colours as it went through the sky. The background was a field with wheat and a bright blue sky.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 6.35.26 PM

My thoughts about the program and coding:

I must say I had many laughs while using this program. I was laughing at my butterfly because it would be flying upside down and off the page. I was also working on my project with other people and laughing alongside them on their projects. I think students would have lots of fun with coding. However, on the negative side I was frustraded because I could not get my butterfly to start at the same spot/direction each time. When I would go to play my coding the butterfly would start from the previous spot and position. This meant that each time my butterfly’s flight path was different. I also was annoyed that I could not get my project to share, especially after spending hours to make it. I can see students breaking down (elementary students) if their project could not be shared/saved.

Since Scratch was not really working for me I thought I would see if there were other websites. I came across this website that offers many websites and apps for coding. I recommend checking it out, as they have the coding categorized for ages. It start with coding for pre-schoolers (age 2) and goes to teens (age 13). I thought I would check out Kodable Pro. It is a coding program for children age 6 and introduces children to the logic and sequencing needed for coding. I like it because there is a written curriculum component.

On the Common sense media website, which is the website mentioned above it has a nicely laid out format to explain each app and website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.36.26 AM

I also was curious as to why coding is becoming so popular and important for teachers to teach students. According to this article ‘coding powers our digital world’. It is estimated that over the next 10 years 1.4 million jobs will require coding. I also found the final words of this article to be interesting and I am still running it through my head.

“Our kids should learn to bend, join, break and combine code in a way it wasn’t designed to. It’s a whole generation of kids that will use code like our generation used words.”

If coding is going to be such an important part of the next generations lives than I had better become more familiar with it. Here is a video on why coding is important:


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