Reflection time

I decided that I should take this time to reflect on my journey through my learning project! I tried to make a video about my challenges and triumphs from this project, but unfortunately I am still trying to figure out how to upload it. So here is a quick overview of my challenges and triumphs this far.


  1. One of my jobs is house sitting around Regina, this makes it hard to scan the photos when I am not at my house
  2. Scanning all of the pictures takes time and some of the pictures are not scanning well
  3. Trying to use Shutter fly to its full potential. I am still trying to figure out parts of the program
  4. Trying to find times to gather the photos without my mom seeing since I want it to be a surprise gift for her
  5. Find more ways to bring technology into this project


  1. Going through the photos brings back so many memories of adventures my family and I went on
  2. The program, Shuterfly, is very user friendly and is easy to navigate through
  3. I have been able to make connections with people who use shutterfly that I may not have without this project
  4. I can not wait for the final copy of my photo album and to see my mom’s reaction!!!

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