A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This week I took the plunge and went searching through the countless photos in the basement. Here is just one of the boxes I went through!


As you can see, there are many photos to navigate through. However, as I was searching through the photos I could only think of the saying ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’. In trying to find who said these famous words I unfortunately could not come to a final answer, but it is said to be of American origin. In our society, with technology at our fingertips and with social media creating a space where photos are uploaded and shared with the click of a button this quote could not be any truer. A photo has the ability to quickly convey so much meaning with so little, if any, explanation. However, does the ability of a single image to convey so much feeling and information get taken for granted?

I am taking these famous words one step further and analyzing it in a teacher’s point of view. Too often we want students to express their learning using words and handing in some form of written response for assessment. However, if this idea is true then why do teachers have trouble assessing pictures? When we want to see what students are learning we often ask for a picture and description or just a description. I think this is something I will take into account when I am in the classroom. For some students there picture tells everything they have learned. In addition, a picture can tell what a student is feeling and what is going on in their mind.

All of my pictures have been stored away for years and all of these stories came to life as soon as I peeked at each photo. Memories came flowing back about things my family did or the adventures my brother and I had. Some photos brought happiness and others brought tears to my eyes.

Here are a few of my special photo’s that will be included in my digital photo album. I used the program pic monkey to make the collage. I recommend you checking it out for editing photos and creating collages.

PicMonkey Collage

The picture on the bottom is my brother holding me a few hours after I was born! Him and I have been very close as siblings and I am so thankful for that. The one of my mom, brother, and I in the tent was taken in the backyard. My family was so creative and full of adventure. That day we had decided to take our snack outside and pretend we were camping in the backyard.

Here is a photo for you to analyze:


Photo Credit: Anthony Pallotto Photography via Compfight cc

What caption or story could you tell from this picture?

How many words could you use to express this photo? One word? One thousand? Ten thousand?


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