And the Winner is…..Shutterfly!

After much debate between Shutterfly and Iphoto albums I decided that Shutterfly has everything I want for my digital photo album. I also talked with my Co-operating teacher about the Shutterfly program, as she made her whole wedding album using their website. Her overall reaction was ‘it’s great’. She only had positive things to say and, let me tell you, her photo album looks amazing!

I quickly made my account on shutterfly and started looking through the long list of album choices. Man, I could probably spend all the hours from this project just picking an album design…there are SO many choices! However, I did go with the customize option so that I can change pictures and text, which makes it more of a personalized album.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.07.36 PM

I have decided to go with ‘everyday sentiments’ for my album layout. It looks like a simple design yet has stimulating photo backgrounds. There are also some nice family sayings in this album design. If you have used Shutterfly before, what album template did you choose?

I also went onto youtube and found a tutorial to show me the beginning steps of Shutter fly.

She nicely describes the program and explains the difference between choosing customized and choosing simple. I also like that she puts in her personal experience of using the program. She picked soft cover, but I am going to go with hard cover.

For now, I am going to spend some time getting comfortable with Shutterfly and for the next little while I will be working on scanning and picking of photos!


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