WOAH! Technology sure has changed!

When I was going through some photos to prepare for my major project I realized how much photos and technology have advanced. I also wrote a post at the beginning of February after we learned about the history in technology.

One thing I thought was so interesting was that back when our family photos were taken the photographer obviously could not see the photos until they were printed. This is shocking to me because now we have digital cameras and in an instant the photographer can delete the photo and take a new one. We are now able to take plenty of high quality photos and before even leaving a photo shoot can have a sneak peak of some of the photos.

I am sure my parents spent lots of money to get these professional photos done…and if it were me I would not be impressed!! My mom and I’s eyes are closed and my mom is in the middle of talking. It did provide me some laughs while looking through the photos but it is also nice to have high quality photos.

family photo eyes closed eyesclosed2

eyes closed1

I also went through the photos and came across my brother and I getting the newest and best technology for our birthdays, which were a walkman and CD players. Now you can’t even get cassette tapes and not many young children know what a walkman or CD player is. It is so funny to see us beyond excited to have our very own giant walkman that did not even fit into a pocket.

walkman CD player

It is so crazy to think about how much technology has changed and it is definitely not stopping any time soon. I recommend taking a look at some of the top 50 technological advances.


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