MyPublisher and other Album Programs

My Publisher

Originally I was looking at using this program but I saw that the starting price of the albums are $270. So I will not being doing a review on it and instead look at another digital album program.


I have not heard of this program before, but thought I would check it out. The website was a little confusing to navigate through. It appears to be an easy program to use. The highlights seem to be lay-flat books and the photobook is made out of photo paper. I like this website because you can calculate your price ahead of time based on the layout and size of photo album. However, I realize the price may change a little bit depending on my finished product. The program allows you to use all sorts of programs to gather pictures. The only thing I am not sure is if it is compatible with Iphoto.Overall, I am not sold on this program and think I am still leaning towards ShutterFly.

 Mix Book

I am not a fan of Mix book off the bat. I couldn’t find much information on their website. The one thin g I did notice was that the photo albums are pre-made and you just put your photos into the album. I really want to create my album from scratch. I can see this being an easier process for those who want to quickly create a book. It might be a good program to use when I am wanting to quickly make a book. On a side note I like that mixbook has discounts for educators and encourage the making of classroom book, calendars, yearbooks, and class projects. But this is not for me.

 Iphoto Albums

The last program I wanted to look at was one that was compatible and used with MAC computers. After some research I found that under Iphoto I can make my own photo books. It does not seem as complex as shutterfly, but I am not sure if I am sold on this program. I have to choose a theme and then from there Iphoto creates the book. The book is $29.00 for the starting of 20 pages and from there 69c. I found a website with instructions on how to use the program and it looks fairly simple to use. I also have an Itunes gift card that I can use to pay for some of the book.





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