Bringing Memories to Life

My major project is called ‘Bringing Memories to life’ through the making of a digital photo album. It took me some time to think of a meaningful project I wanted to spend hours doing and learning about. My main motivation behind creating this digital photo album stems from my desire to transform the boxes of photos that we never look through anymore into a treasure that my mom will be able to look at. It is something I have wanted to give my mom for a while, but knew this would take hours to do. I need to find a program I like, learn how to edit the photos, scan the photos, and everything I haven’t even thought of yet! At the end of this learning project my goal is to have the photo album completed and be able to gift it to my mom. I think it is fitting because she has helped me throughout my schooling from Kindergarten until now. She has been there for me and I believe giving her this photo album before my University Convocation would mean a lot to her and also to me.

I started the project last week, but did not have a chance to blog about it. My first step was looking into a program called Shutterfly. This is the first program I looked at, but I am also looking at other programs (I will blog about those later).

 Shutterfly seems to be well known for making digital photo albums and they provide various ways to customize albums. There are also five different sizes of books. I also like that it can be used on a computer or iPad.

To continue my search about Shutterfly I came across an awesome blog where the author (Jocelyn) has blogged about her Shutterfly experience. She has made 15 books with Shutterfly and appears to LOVE the quality of the books. Her review seemed to have mostly positives and she commented on the paper and photo quality of shutterfly when the album is printed. The photo quality is probably the most important to me. I will be scanning the photos so I realize the photos will not be the best quality to begin with. The cover of the photo albums look fantastic as well; however, in the review Jocelyn did mention that this was a drawback because they do not have a full selection of layouts for the covers as they do for the inside pages. Based on her blog I think I would go with an 8×11 book because she explains that you get more space for pictures and this size works best for bigger photo albums. One thing I really like about shutterfly is the ability to write captions and long paragraphs as well as many pictures on a page.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.54.56 PM

One thing I am keeping track as I look at a couple different digital photoalbum sites is the final printing price. It seems that Shutterfly offers many deals on their books and has coupons. It’s just iffy that when I want to print it for this class the deals will be on.

Overall, Shutterfly seems like a good program to use. It has many qualities that I like and I feel it will be tough to find a program I like better. Next up will be a blog on the program MyPublisher.


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