Advances in Technology

“A CD. How quaint. We have these in museums.”-  Eoin Colfer

I came across this quote and instantly laughed. Technology has advanced immensely over the years. To add onto this quote here is a personal story:

I was in a Kindergarten classroom and during ‘show in tell’ one of the students brought a cassette tape. There opening line was one of ‘I found this at my house’. Many of the students had no idea what it was and even the student who brought it was confused on what a cassette tape does. The teacher and I were trying to explain that a tape plays music. It was funny to see all of the expressions from the student’s faces. I realized in that little moment how much technology has and continues to change.

I found last ECMP class to be so interesting and I think there have been many positive changes in technology. The advancing of chalkboards to SMART Boards; however, I still see chalkboards being used at the university. In addition, looking at the video of blockbuster it seems like just yesterday I was going to get movies from there. In fact, sad fact….I still have no way of watching movies since they closed. Needles to say I do not watch many movies anymore. I am sure in years to come it will seem strange to explain to children what blockbuster was, as now there are countless ways to watch movies.

I came across this TED talk titled ‘the stories we tell—rewriting ourselves through technology’.

In Ian Beacraft’s speech he refers to three ways technology comes into our lives. He says the first stage is dismissal, then adoption, and the last stage being acceptance (people’s relationship with technology). I think with a lot of new technology there are always critics who are unsure of how the new technology will benefit people. Then we go through adoption of buying into the new technology or sites. He states that we are not quite at the third stage. In reflecting on my personal journey with technology I would say I am mainly at stage 1. Later in his speech he explains the impact of creating stories online. I think a major importance with the increasing amount of technology and usage is teaching students’ digital citizenship and identity. We are all publishers and digital authors. However, we have to be careful in how we tell our story. Everyday we are creating a new story, as new advances have enabled us to create stories in ways we have never before.


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