Feedly Article: Interactive Classroom Collaboration

Through reading the article I found many great tools to incorporate into a classroom that are low cost, no sign up, or can work on various devices. Here is a screen shot of the many interactive classroom collaboration tools that are out there….the list is extensive!



In the article they specifically talk about Twiddla, Mindmeister and Bubbl.us, Tackk, Padlet, Twitter, Fakebook, Diigo, and Socrative.

I went and checked out all of these sites to see if I (not very with it when it comes to technology) could see myself using them. I must note that I think there are some great resources; however, I think that the tools would be more useful in older grades. To begin with, Diigo was highly recommended to me during #saskedchat. One of the teachers sent me a link to their Diigo and said he loves to use it.

Below are a couple tools I would use for personal use or in a classroom.

Diigo: Essentially this is a place for bookmarking ideas and saving web resources. It is used for students to organize ideas in a orderly manner. You can highlight parts of articles and use sticky notes. Students can use the resource to collaboratively work together by using a diigo group.

Mindmeister and Bubble.us: These two tools are pretty much the same thing. They provide students a format for mapping. Students can collaboratively work on the site to create webs based on what they are learning.



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